Available Dogs


Meet our newest senior girl Isabelle. We are unsure of Isabelle's age and she isn't telling. She was a stray that was treated for heartworm by a local shelter. The shelter reached out to IGRR realizing she needed some extra help finding her forever home.

Isabelle is a quiet girl that needs another dog or two to make her feel safe when her two-legged family is away from the home. She has some anxiety issues and can't be left in a kennel but she does well in the home when foster mom and dad are at work for 8-9 hours a day.

Even though Isabelle's hearing isn't the best, she has some anxiety about thunderstorms as well. She is currently taking medication daily for her anxiety and requires some additional medication during thunderstorms. She looks great in her thundershirt which helps too. Since in rescue, she has gotten stronger physically and mentally. She eats well and occasionally likes to flirt with the younger boys in the house.

Update 10/12/2014
Isabelle is doing so much better. She is now very comfortable in our house when we are home and away. She shows little sign of anxiety and her fear of thunderstorms is very easy to control. She is a very loving dog and seeks the attention of humans and actually initiates play with the boy dogs in the house. She had a second visit to the vet to check her lumps and bumps and have a chest x-ray. Everything looked good for a girl of her age. She also had an irritating lump “de-bulked” from her eyelid. It may return, but in the mean time should feel much better. Her foster family has grown to love her but she would love to have a family to call her own.


Lua is a 7 year old golden doodle. She is house broken and very well behaved when left alone in the house. She does not like crates and I have not found one that will hold her. She knows sit, drop and stay and usually comes when called. Inside the house she is just a doll and she really wants to please. She stays off the furniture and has not counter surfed even when there is food on the counter. She loves attention but lays down when you tell her enough. She barks at deer or if someone comes to the house. She is not concerned about either the vacuum or thunder

When outside, she is a different dog. She loves to chase and track anything that will run (squirrels, chipmunks, rabbits, cats, etc). I have been working on getting her focus back on me with treats but for the first few minutes it is a lost cause. She has never gotten out of my 5 foot chain link fence but her previous owners indicate that she will climb, or dig out of the yard. Lua is also very, very dog aggressive. She not only snarls and pulls towards other dogs but she wants to chase after them and in her previous home she attacked another dog.

Lua needs a special home. She needs an experience owner that does not care to walk her and a very secure fenced in yard. She also needs a home with no other pets. According to her previous owners she is very good with children. Her new owners need to be very careful that she does not slip out of the house or yard. She has so many pluses and only the one negative and is very easy to love.


Meet 10 year old King. This boy is a retired stud dog who has lived most of his life outdoors. He lacked socialization as a very young dog so he finds people kind of scary. He is adapting to living indoors but is still very shy.

He is looking for a quite home with another confident dog and without small children. A fenced in yard is also required to keep him safe as well. He is a very handsome boy that deserved to be loved in senior years.