Available Dogs


What would IGRR do without a few "wanna be" fosters?!?! She may not be a golden retriever, but she is as good as gold both inside and out! Summer came as a stray from an Iowa shelter so we have to guess a lot of things about her.

What we do know, was that she had a terribly damaged eye that caused her quite a bit of pain. We had her checked out with a really nice eye docter and it was recommended that the eye be removed, as it was no longer functioning. Summer also had a few "senior" bumps taken off and a nice dental cleaning that also found a broken tooth, so that got pulled too!

Have you heard the saying, "In for a penny, in for a pound"!?! Well, that what we do once a dog becomes an IGRR foster??????

Summer is a senior, possibly 10 years old, so she is quite content just strolling thru the yard and laying quietly nearby in the house. She is very reliable in our home and enjoys both the other dogs and cats here too! She does fine with the steps to the bedrooms upstairs and likes to be brushed, petted and talked too.

She is a lucky girl to be here with IGRR and I think she knows it too. If you're looking for a quiet and faithful companion to enjoy and love, Summer may fit the bill.