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IGRR Donations

IGRR would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the people who have donated to our organization.

It is through donations like this that we are able to rescue Golden Retrievers, foster them, provide them with medical care and find them loving forever homes.

More than 60 Goldens came into IGRR in 2009, and it is on their behalf that we say THANK YOU for your generosity!!

Recent Donations

  • Joe Mengel
    In memory of Skyler, Alamo, Cody, Zoey & Ginger
  • Joe and Tracy Boyles
  • Family of Lynn and Deb Purcell -
    To honor Mom (Deb) & Dad (Lynn), the best fur parents ever. In memory of Buster and Copper and all the beautiful retrievers looking for a forever home. Love your Family,
    Jenny & Jake
    Matt, Cecily, Isabel & Graeme
    Wes, Allison, William & Reagan
    Mike, Meagon, Keelan, Amaya & Holden
  • Rita Baird
    In Honor of Buddy
  • Dana Healy
    Thank you so much for Buttercup! Our lives are truly enriched because she is in our family. She is a beautiful loving creature that we love dearly.
  • Terraleen Stern
    In Memory of Jake and Mollie
  • Morgan Molden
    In Honor of IGRR’s amazing foster families
  • Sara Lamme
    In loving memory of Bo and in celebration of rescue, Ginger
  • Michael Ray
  • Mary Guthrie
  • Carol Wettengel
    In Memory of Woody and Harley
  • Ann Valus
    To honor Percy and help with vet bills
  • Donna Whisler
    In Memory of Kinnick Rose & Lily Bell
  • Tracy Vaubel
    In Honor of our Bozworth, adopted in 2007 from IGRR
  • Barbara Livingston
    In Memory of Buster, adopted from IGRR
  • Denise Keller
    In honor of Cindy Sullivan and all her Goldens
  • Tracy VanSickle
    In Honor of Percy
  • Jacqui Godfrey
    In Honor of Percy and to help with vet bills
  • Chris Dunkin
  • Victoria Laird
  • Sara Paretsky
    In Memory of Ziva
  • Janice Clements
    In Memory of my son, Scott Clements, who loved dogs so much!
  • Sharon and Edward Benson
    In Memory of Scott Clements
  • Timothy and Carolyn Hinchliff
    In Memory of Scott Clements
  • Joyce Wellendorf
    In Memory of Scott Clements
  • Elizabeth and Donald McGuffin
    In Memory of Scott Clements
  • Charles and Joyce Cretors
    In Memory of Scott Clements
  • Barbara and Ian Binnie
    In Memory of Scott Clements
  • Randall and Donna Jones
    In Memory of Scott Clements
  • Randall and Jean Bosworth
    In Memory of Scott Clements
  • Tanya and Casey Frye
    In Memory of Sandy Flores
  • DMT Commercial Lines Underwriting
  • David Liggett
  • Jennifer Meiring
    In Memory of Mollie. Thank you, IGRR, for giving us the best dog EVER!! We miss her!
  • Stephanie Sullivan
    In Memory of "Jorgi Girl" Sullivan
  • Ann Mauss
    In Memory of our beloved Spirit
  • Sherri Oslick
  • Nancy Niece
    In Memory of Gemma. Teri King, thanks for the recipe and all you do with pups!!
  • Nancy Waldman